La casa de papel
La casa de papel
July 2020 When I am present to myself, I am also present to what surrounds me, able to observe what is offered to my sight. My images takes a critical view of social concerns. The elements I use create a visual cipher and aim to shed light on the unseen lines of life, pain, love, hope and dream ; we are all inhibited and cannot speak of what we have seen and what we know.
L'Ange au secret
Connected sculpture and AI
May 2020 A few weeks before quarantine, I have started this project which consists on a connected sculpture with an artificial intelligence.
Safeguarding the living
Safeguarding the living
2019-2020 This work is an installation project combining photographs, sculptures and videos. It is a participation in the ecological struggle, an attempt to make it visible and to encourage other citizens to join it. The project has been shown is several occasons at Paris Salle Olympe de Gouges, Triangle de Gonesse, Cité Fertile of Pantin and Montreuil.
April 2020 I am happy to be published as an author in the virtual object created by the artist Solen Time. is an art platform that can be visited by any Internet surfer without restriction. If visitors go to this site and settle for looking at the images, they will not only feel like they are visiting a gallery where true values are exhibited, but also like they are entering a laboratory where the most diverse experimentsare attempted. For some of these poeitic experiments, the spectators will know how to establish the filiation with the known, other adventurous attempts will surprise and it is asked not to approve, nor to admire but to give attention.
My sculptures on Instagram
Feb 2020 I have created an Instagram account to share my art, my sculptures and daily observations.
The Triangle
The 24 hours of the Triangle
May 2019 Scientists believe we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. In this context, I have made several exhibitions during actions, events, protests to help make visible the struggle of the fight against Europacity project, anticipate food security issues and organize the preservation of agricultural lands.
Documentary film
Jul 2018 "Identity quest and creation" is an essay and a documentary film I am currently producing, shooting and editing. The film is about the french poet Charles Juliet. It explores the poet's works and identity journey throughout mind and soul. From his first painting discoveries with Van Gogh letters to his friendship with the painter Bram Van Velde, not only Charles Juliet has worked solely with text, he also has developped a strong interest in art and has collaborated with many artists.
Celestial homeland
Sculpture & virtual reality
Apr 2018 "It is necessary that the poet, that humanity takes hold of the reality, and dominates it. This reality is far from being astounding. It does not hide itself. There is no angel of reality." Paul Eluard The greatest technological innovations from scientific instruments, materials, energy to communication, transform our relation to inner and outer realities. Art explores technical challenges and proposes alternatives.
A star is born, Mars 2018
Befriend augmented reality
Nov 2017 While new ideologies aims to transform the human condition and overcome limitations through technology, befriend and keep friends around might become a tough challenge. Befriend is an augmented reality exploration of the concept of “Amitier” developped by the philosopher Gilles Tiberghien, the show and performances that took place at the heart of Van Gogh city, Auvers-sur-Oise. "Precisely because I seek and want to maintain a true friendship, it is difficult for me to resign myself to conventional friendship. When, on both sides, there exists the desire to live in friendship, if from time to time we do not agree, we do not offend so easily, or if we offend, we recover quickly. But when it is conventional, it is almost inevitable that bitterness will occur, precisely because one can not feel free, and even if one does not give free rein to one's true feelings, it is enough to leave a lasting unpleasant impression on each other and we must despair of the possibility of being something for each other. Wherever there is convention, there is distrust and from distrust ensue all sorts of intrigues. And with a little more sincerity, we would make each other's lives easier." Vincent Van Gogh.
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Jul 2017 A few months ago I have been elected to be the coordinator of DevLOG network, a national network gathering a community of more than 2000 engineers and researchers from various Institution realated to the Ministry of research, Education and Innovation. I was happy to present this network and organise the JDEVs. The JDEVs are supported by the National Center for Scientific Research with many workshops, talks, conferences and art shows. Its purpose is to contribute to improve the software production, facilitate the digital transition of research entities and be a vector of acceleration for the understanding of technological and scientific developments, the identification of technologies, methods and good practices that will impact the laboratories. It is a place where everyone is welcome to build communities and meet experts.
Plastik Art & Science
May 2017 This is the launch of Plastik new website, a scientific journal I'm proud to be the managing editor. This journal brings together and confronts the experiences of artists who enrich some of the most important current scientific debates from physics quantum theory and general relativity dilemma, ecology, sustainable development, to the nanotechnologies environmental, health and safety issues. To what extent do the artists contribute to the modification of our perceptions and knowledge? What impact can they have on the public awareness ? What attitudes do they develop in front of the new challenges thrown by the scientists? Here are some of the questions raised by Plastik journal.
Feb 2017 “Art is always more abstract than we fancy. Form and colour tell us form a nd colour - that is all. It often seems to me that art conceals the artist far more completely than it reaveals him. And so when I got this offer from Paris I determined to make your portrait the principal thing in my exhibition. It nerver occurred to me that you would refuse. I see now that you were right. The picture cannot be shown.” Oscar Wilde Initiated in 2016, the research project about the portraits has generated a great enthousiasm with hundreds people from the world of science being photographed. The portrait project has led to a digital installation at the Art & Science lab revisiting the question of portrait today.
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ACTE Institute
May 2016 I feel very enthusiastic to join ACTE Institute (Art, Creation, Theory, Aesthetics). ACTE is a research unit associating the CNRS, the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and the Ministry of culture. It brings together researchers, engineers, doctoral students from these institutions as well as associate researchers from various French and foreign institutions. It is a large research unit studying the evolution of the field of creation in general and the arts in particular. The scientific project focuses on four lines: creation, conceptualization, reception and dissemination. These research lines are anchored in various disciplines such as visual arts, sound arts, cinema and audiovisual, performance, design and industrial creation, media and multimedia, aesthetics and philosophy of art, cultural studies, semiotics, poetics, and cognitive sciences.
Watch Generation climat
Generation climat : Combining Science and Art
Apr 2016 With Generation climat project, I aim to connect various scientific fieds and show the beauty of science through a interactive and emotional journey during COP21. Watch full project ”This is the beauty of science: You learn something and you open a door. Then you stand in front of new doors, which you would not have seen without the knowledge that allowed you to open the first door. There you realize that you can ask more detailed questions. I believe that this is very similar for artists: They realize they can do something and when they have done it, they can see how to improve it and how to go in another direction.” Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN. See teaser and full project.
Teaser Generation climat
The indigenous people at COP21 United Nations Climate Summit
Jan 2016 The indigenous people are very concerned regarding the impact of climate change on the environment and often are the first victims of environmental pollution and disasters. Just before COP21 started, the leaders from Asia, Africa, Arctic, Latin and North America, he Pacific have met at Unesco and at the National Museum for Natural History. They have discussed their positions, their demands and solutions. In the next video David Dumoulin, researcher at the Centre for Research and Documentation on the Americas (CREDA), a research unit of the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the University Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle talks about how indigeneous people take steps to have a voice in the negociations process and try to make sure their rights and their traditional culture are fully recognized by decision-makers. He presents the collaborative ethnography research team Climacop that intend to developed a unique analytical framework of climate governance and analyse their object of study by mapping out the different social spaces of the COP21.
Innovatives SHS, Museum of Science and Industry
Jun 2015 Innovatives SHS is a very good place to discuss how Social and Human Sciences can be at the source of innovation. Organized by the CNRS (INSHS), I'm very exited to be part of this new edition which present around 70 innovative projects in various fields such as philosophy, education, art, health, territories, liguistics, etc. Throughout the exhibition, teams make some demonstrations of their results, products and softwares. Many animations are also organized to promote sharing between scientists, artists, engineers, business partners and visitors. Among the dozens of great initiatives, I would like to introduce three projects that are in line with their innovative approches : Expeditions, Body monitor and Cigale.
PICo network
Nov 2014 I'm pleased to annouce the creation of PICo network. PICo is a professional network I've cofounded with other tech enthousiasts. This group was created to gather the developer community around Paris. Meetups will be organized every month. Every tech enthusiast (Developers, designers, webmasters...) is welcome to join us.
Poetry on the web, Petites touches
Aug 2014 Petites touches is a collection of poems, paintings and engravings I've been working on with Antoine Daoudal. The illustrated texts are presented in a website using a realistic and pretty cool page flip effect. I've done this using Html 5, JS and Jquery. We're currently working on a printed version of our work that will be enhanced with some specific art visuals.
A star is born, July 2014
Digital storytelling and website project
Jun 2014 "Expedition Culari Tampak" is an amazing expedition to discover with François-Michel Le Tourneau, a specialist of the Brazilian Amazon traditional populations, who is used to conduct his geographic research in very remote and isolated areas. I have made a website to present the geographer adventures into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The webdoc journals his intrepid river experience and sketches it through a daily vlog and illustrated posts. An interactive multimedia installation has also been constructed with vdmlab and shown in the exhibition space of Cergy Digital art center.
Street Art Chile and Tour 13
Discover chilean and international street art with Inti, Cekis and Myre
Feb 2014 In this webdoc, I introduce you to Inti and Cekis, two main figures of street art in Chile. Between the influences of muralism in the late 60s (such as Brigada Ramona Parra) and New York graffiti, the two painters perform their art in Santiago de Chili which is often considered as the new capital of street art. With Myre, a french artist who promote chilean and international street art in France, they talk about their work, their techniques and their message. Together they participated in the Biarritz Latin American festival and The “Tour 13” project which was the largest ephemeral group exhibition of Street Art ever made worldwide.
Oct 2013 At last, we've finished to clean and to prepare the workshop and we're ready to connect the computers, the kinect sensor between sculptures, paintings, videos, sounds and engravings. That's magical to see around all the gigantic machines I used to transform the metal. During 3 days, the artist and mathematician Nexx Oko and I are presenting the project Quanta to a wide audience. This experiment is an intent to question traditional spatial barriers and visions of the physical world. It explores the concept of mirror stage objectification resulting in a conflict between one’s perceived visual and emotional experience. The installation surrounded by sculptures and paintings has been developped with the programming langage Processing and the API in order to create synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated from a body’s movement. Using a kinect sensor, the digital projection of the human body responds to a new set of virtual physical laws in order to create attempts at consolidation or disintegration from the audience. This project is done in cooperation with the city of Montreuil, a municipality on the outskirts of Paris. We ultimately aim to create meaningful contacts with its inhabitants and give them the opportunity to share a digital interactive experience.
JDEV 2013 & digital art, Polytechnique
Sep 2013 The JDEV 2013 took place at Polytechnique. It was a 3 day event of conferences, hands-on learning and hacking for software developers. More than just educate, this event brings people together. It's a great way to stay up to date on major themes emerging in software development. Tremendous digital art events were also planned. SoMax, a project developed by the IRCAM Music Representation Team. SoMax is a Creative Digital Agent that improvises and generates arrangements on the fly by listening to live musicians. And like the other 500 participants, I attend many workshops about how to build projects with the newest technologies, software and hardware, and truly felt re-inspired about my profession and the people who work in it.
Atlas of rural slavery in Brazil
Interview - Rural slavery in Brazil
June 2013 Hervé Théry and Neli Aparecida de Mello Théry present their research on rural slavery in Brazil. The full Atlas of Rural Slavery in Brazil analyzes slavery in rural Brazil by mapping the available data on the releases of slave workers and denunciations of slavery cases. It analyzes and identifies situations linked to the slavery of workers and constructs synthetic indices of the probability of the presence of slaves and of vulnerability to recruitment. He thus hopes to contribute to the fight against slavery in rural areas, facilitate its repression and prevention.
Centre for Research on the Americas, launhing a Drupal website
Feb 2013 In a spirit of renewal, I am proud to announce the launch of the Institute of Latin American Studies and The Centre for Research and Documentation on the Americas website. This time I built the site with Drupal 7, one of the most powerful open-source content management system. I also made the design, conceived the architecture and the content. During the process, I joined the massive online Drupal community and got involved in several meetups along the way. Available in different langages, the website contains many new features and some handy Drupal modules and custom modules.Stop by today and check out the IHEAL's and CREDA's new website. The formular and comment sections enables me to find out what users think about the site, and what features they want in the future. And there are now several modes of communication available: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. A Youtube channel will also come soon.
Funny critters
Dec 2012 Theses sculptures are part of the cycle Funny critters. They are made by assembling numerous elements in steel welded sometimes agregated with machines such as slide viewer, microscope, TV. The presence of masks and creatures takes us back to a primitive world, aims to question the human presence and the relationship between species.
The governance of energy systems on
Jul 2012 As many other group of researchers running their site on, a publication platform for academic blogs. I decided to release ENVIT website using this great Wordpress tool run by Centre for Open Electronic Publishing. ENVIT blog is devoted to the work of several research programs on the place and role of cities and metropolitan territories in the governance of energy systems. It is designed as a coordination platform for teams and researchers involved in the various projects. By offering a collaborative space, it aims to create a community of researchers beyond disciplinary affiliations.
Hello, CNRS
Fev 2012 I'm very excited to let you know that I'm joining CNRS. After two years at Spotify I couldn't be more proud. I'm glad to have been part of something as great as Spotify. I've really enjoyed my time down here, it's been a fantastic part of my life. I'm proud of the work I've done with shaping the future of music industry. At CNRS I'm looking forward to advancing the frontieres further especially focusing on the digital humanities challenges. I'll be part of The Centre for Research and Documentation on the Americas, a research laboratory specialised in social sciences on the Americas whose works are driven by a multidisciplinary approach, looking at territories from different scales, as well as in a short- and long-term perspective.
Big day, introducing music to social life with Facebook
sept 2011 Music is one of the most social things there is and there couldn’t be a better place to launch the amazing features we have been working on than Facebook. Today, Mark Zuckerberg showcase this new experience at the f8 conference in San Francisco.
Experiments, code, video, livestreaming concerts
fev 2011 One of my latest projects was to enable broadcating of livestream events within Spotify. Starting with the MGMT concert in Bataclan and Metronomy private concert in Paris for the launch of their tremendous album English Riviera. This project required to build new features, fonctionalities and a lot of testing. Not only the result has been a huge success, it was also a great fun. Many others will come soon.
Devops team @ Spotify
Spotify adventure
Aug 2010 I've worked at Spotify for almost four months now, and I love Spotify’s culture. This is an horizontal organization with very few levels of middle management which helps to involve everyone in the decision making process. The people here are inspiring to work with and we're having a lot of fun too. I've here a chance to collaborate with some of the best in the industry and to grow my skills in a lot of areas. I focus on project management, implementing the specs, the design and making things work beautifully. I'm also responsible for establishing the contact between direct clients, media & creative agencies, and making sure to provide solutions that will bring new opportunities.
Music album with NexxOko and Multimedia installation
Aug 2010 I am very excited to work with the musician NexxOko, to write song lyrics, create videos and a digital installation on 10 pieces of music.
Multisessions, experimental music and video performances
Apr 2010 The Multisessions is a singular group of artists from various origins and complementary techniques : JKP, Informe, Anton Mobin, Planetadol, Thomas Thierry, Error, Ursula, JKP, Triboulet, Lyriane, Dilara, Spin0, G4Z, Brilliantbeast, Colin Johnco... The sessions presents free improvisation, experimental music, vjing and livestreaming social events. As an organiser of the multissessions and a Veejay, I participate in the multisessions through video improvisation using Resolume, Module8, Puredata, Scripts, Proccessing... I am also in charge with the artist JKP to release the livestream concerts on various webradios and videoplatforms. At the Cantine coworking space remix session, I hijacked the webscasting tool to broadcast the performance to the online community. It engaged the audience in a compelling way using the chat app and the forum to involve the users in the improvisation process. Here is just an insight of one performance from the Multisessions group.
Honkytonk, webdocumentaries and digital media art
Jan 2009 When I saw the interactive wedocumentary “Journey to the End of Coal” a few weeks ago, it had just been released as a digital feature on the website. For the first time a type of production like this was released on a mainstream press website. Placing its audience in the perspective of an investigator, the webdocumentary has a first-person, choose-your-own-adventure format, drawing on techniques from video game. It is completed with a rich array of documentary multimedia assets : videos, photographs, interviews, maps, sound design, in order to complete the experience further. Watching this work is a revelation and I immediatly decided to contact the producer in order to get an interview. So I'm really happy to be part of the little (4 persons) but ambitious Honkytonk team. I'm working simultanoeusly on diffent webdocumentaries and digital media art projects. I'm truly glad I can explore themes of creativity, new forms of documentary storytelling, data visualization and be part of the future interactive inventions.
Paris Sorbonne University & my Master 2 degree
Sep 2007 It has been a delight to work the past few months on André Malraux's writing about art, an author who considers art as an attempt to escape and transcend the human condition. Here we are, I am now recently gratuated and I obtained my Master degree with high honours. So this is a good time to end the Sorbonne period of my life and start Ina'Sup. It was such a great experience to find a place where I could combine my passion for technology and the humanities. Back in 2002, Paris Sorbonne University was the only place where you could find a bachelor degree mixing both computer science, literature and linguistics. I feel very grateful to the group of pioneers researchears Jean Pierre Desclés and Francis Corblin who created this diploma mixing linguistics, literature and computer science.
Ina'Sup School
Jun 2007 My passion for web, digital and audiovisual contents has lead me to apply for the Ina'sup school, from the National Audiovisual Institute. That's it, starting next october, I'll have the chance to follow the amazing professional degree courses of Master of Digital & audiovisual production during 2 years. The program offers a unique blend of instruction from cross media project management, documentary and audiovisual conception, sociology, cultural studies, digital art, web and mobile environment, multimedia creation.